Everything on your Wedding Day should be exactly as you want it, do not accept anything less than stunning.

Other Photo Booth companies bring a big, cumbersome plastic tacky booth and naff props, then they will print pictures completely off theme with their website and logos all over.

We find this totally unacceptable, which is why with White Label Booth you get -

  • A gorgeously simple pop up photo studio consisting of a vintage themed ring light for perfect pictures every time which can fit groups in
  • A photo layout uniquely hand-crafted for your day, to capture the personality of the wedding using your fonts, logos and themes
  • Prints in less than 25 seconds, dry and pocket or handbag ready. No wafting!
  • Guests can apply a filter or you can chose to set one on every picture
  • A fun, well turned out, relaxed yet engaging booth host which your friends will be talking about for weeks to come
  • Totally unique printed designs, to match perfectly with your theming and design of your wedding
  • Small moving videos ('GIFs') to upload to social media
  • The guests email a digital copy to themselves, from your email address with a personalised thank you for coming email from yourselves
  • Two copies of each picture printed, one for a guestbook which we can provide along with glue and calligraphy pens for you to keep forever to cherish 
  • a USB stick at the end of the night with every single picture on, the good, the bad and the silly
  • a service from a professional who has worked in high end events and theatre for over 12 years