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A typical wedding consists of -

  • Design consultation and exchange of design files from you or your designer to match invites / theming / monogram
  • Full professional Photoshop graphic design layout (not Microsoft Word, not comics sans, no word art, no White Label Booth logos or website addresses! Watch out for other suppliers who brand your event with their website!
  • Changes, revisions and artwork approval
  • Quiet, quick and subtle set-up at the venue with zero fuss
  • A smart, charming, fun and classy photo booth attendant
  • Four hours of running photo booth a the event, typically 7pm - 11pm or 8pm - midnight
  • A huge box of fun dressing up items to match your event, including chalkboards, all to be discussed in advance what you're theming is
  • Unlimited photos. Genuinely unlimited. At least two of every picture, but if a picture has 6 people in then you get 7 prints, including one for your...
  • Guestbook including Pens & Glue
  • A Wooden USB stick at the end of the night so you can have your printed and digital images immediately. (No waiting for a DVD...)
  • Quiet, unobtrusive slipping away without trying to take a bridesmaid with me.
  • Travel within the M25 or within 25 miles of Bromley, Kent included, else 65ppm.

No Hidden Extras