If theres one thing we're experts on, it's a showbiz party.

Adam has worked in West End theatre for 10 years and has DJ'd or been a guest at many Press Nights and Media Nights.  

If you want to get huge social media exposure, with our creative interactive and on-brand photo booth just email us as we can provide full branding of the pop up photo studio to match all your needs.

We will work directly with your design and PR agency to create the exact look you want for the Photo Booth layout and deliver an on-message burst of social media content via the guests at the party.

As an example, 5 people in the photo booth all tweet an image of them with your show logo and branding and the hashtag of the event, each has 500 followers, this gets retweeted a few times to people with 500 followers and then suddenly one picture has caused a social media impact of 5000 people.  Multiply this by an average of 200 pictures with 3 people in each picture and you could reach an audience of 30,000 with White Label Booth.

Unlike other photo booths we are digital as well as print, so no more people taking pictures of the print out, they will have a digital copy in their inbox immediately.

We also protect your integrity, we won't allow anyone to have any pictures sent to them or printed which aren't on brand or could cause embarrassment, no nipple flashing, no swearing, no legs behind heads...  Just a flood of gorgeous people, looking amazing in our ring light carrying your message.

Book us now before the other producers do, be first!