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why we're awesome

We specialise in bringing fun photographic solutions for all types of events and parties.  We are experts at Press Nights, Media Nights, Bar & Club Launches, Private Parties, Product Launches and Charity Events.

The White Label Booth is a fully customised Pop Up Photo area which produces high quality prints in under thirty seconds, and offers a digital version of the images for social media which are beautifully designed, modern and so much fun to tie in perfectly with your theme and artwork.

We can set up fast, neatly and take up hardly any space compared to a naff traditional photo booth.


Prints All Night

white label selfie booth london

Don't need printing?

Faster, quicker, cooler... Boomerang Instragram Selfies!

  1. A photo booth provides entertainment for your guests. It gives your guests something to do between all the other activities at your event. It also helps break the ice and loosen everyone up.

  2. It’s customisable. You have the ability to make sure your branding and messaging is presented exactly how you want it to be, while also having consistency across every single photo.

  3. Your guests receive a party favor. Who doesn’t love party favors? Allow your guests to take home their memorable moment. With the White Label Booth, guests can opt in to receive a digital photo—which they can post to their social media pages quickly to share and re-live the fun!



Guests can choose their own filter which people LOVE,

or you can choose to have no filter or a specific filter on every picture, the choice is yours!

email, INSTAGRAM, facebook & twitter

Guests of the party can share the picture digitally, with an email to themselves containing an email from you which they're guaranteed to open.  This is a great place to put more information into peoples hands or thank them for coming to your event.



totally and UNIQUELY yours

No White Label Booth logos, website links or awkward facebook urls printed in comic sans across your brands print out, look out for that!

Just 100% your brand from end to end, including sending the emails from your email address if you would like.

Reach thousands of people easily by generating tons of social media content spread by your guests.